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Dylan Katz

Dylan Katz Glassblower
Finnish, English
By appointment only
+358 451093484
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Growing up next to a furnace

  • • Dylan uses ancient glassblowing techniques
  • • The Finish landscape inspires his artworks
  • • He learned his skills from master glassblowers

Dylan Katz views glass as both philosophical and poetic. He talks about the inherent beauty and versatility of the material. For him the process of glass working is like a dance, with the heat of the furnace and the miraculous transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Dylan’s first encounter with glass was at the tender age of twelve. His art school was time spent in the workshop in front of the furnace, guided by masters. The ancient tradition of glass working has become his life. Wind the clock back to the 17th century and he would feel just at home, working at the furnace, absorbed in the process. Born and bred in Seattle, Dylan moved to Finland in 2013 and is now running a glass workshop with his wife, Katztudio in Tampere.

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  • © Franko Robert
  • © Eino Ansio
  • © Eino Ansio
  • © Eino Ansio
Photo: © Franko Robert

This series of works showcases the fluid nature of glass. Each unique piece is carefully heated just beyond the point of collapse before allowing it to cool and settle into its final form.

Width 16 cm
Height 28 cm

Dylan Katz Glassblower
Photo: © Eino Ansio
Twisted Spires

When moulds are used in glassblowing it is almost always as the final step in the process. With these pieces Dylan wanted to experiment with using a mould as a middle step. After being blown into a mould, each piece was reheated and manipulated to achieve the final form.

Width 15 cm
Height 45 cm

Dylan Katz Glassblower
Photo: © Eino Ansio
Filigrana Vase

Made using techniques that were invented on the island of Murano in the 16th century, this vase showcases the timelessness of fine craftsmanship.

Width 12.5 cm
Height 9 cm

Dylan Katz Glassblower
Photo: © Eino Ansio
Spinning Globes

The filigrana sphere is mounted on a blown and cold worked glass base by means of a mechanical bearing allowing it to spin freely.

Width 14 cm
Height 8 cm

Dylan Katz Glassblower

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