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© Lasha Adamashvili
© Lasha Adamashvili
© Rafael Arzumanov
© Rafael Arzumanov
© Leli Blagonravova

Eka Khuntsaria

Eka Khuntsaria Textile dyer
Georgian, English
By appointment only
+995 577721568
© Lasha Adamashvili

Painter on silk

  • • Eka has a background in graphic design
  • • She works on silk with liquid and acrylic paints without using wax-resist lines
  • • Eka is inspired by the nature and warm colour combinations

When Eka Khuntsaria graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Design, she got the chance to study batik from her friends. In 1994, she co-founded a textile art studio, La Maison Bleue, which was a well-known textile showroom in Tbilisi. After more than 20 years, Eka decided to start her solo career by opening her own studio, Silkroom, which combines a workshop with a showroom – for her colourful collections – in one space. “I call my technique 'painting on silk' as I apply textile and acrylic paints over the silk, setting the colours by wax and paraffin without using wax-resist lines. My attitude to silk is similar to what the canvas means to the painter – a space without borders.” Over the years Eka’s decorative compositions have been showcased at various exhibitions in Georgia and abroad. Her works are part of many private collections in the UK, USA, Spain, Italy and beyond.

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  • © Leli Blagonravova
  • © Leli Blagonravova
  • © Rafael Arzumanov
  • © Rafael Arzumanov
  • © Rafael Arzumanov
Photo: © Leli Blagonravova

The long rectangular scarves are hand painted on 100 percent natural silk fabrics with liquid textile paints. Inspired by the natural floral motives, such as flowers and pomegranates the scarves feature floral motifs placed against the yellow or purple backgrounds, which altogether add a joyful spirit to these works.

Height 160 cm
Width 40 cm

Photo: © Leli Blagonravova
Cushion cover

The velvet square cushion cover has a print featuring iris shaped flowers on a multicoloured background. The cool tones of green and lilac below give way to warmer shades of reds and orangey yellows above. The iris shapes, inspired by nature, are given different colours which add some imaginary element to the work.

Height 45 cm
Width 45 cm

Photo: © Rafael Arzumanov
Blue meadow

This work, Blue meadow, is hand painted on silk. It is a tryptic consisting of three separate wall hangings with wooden frames attached to the top and bottom. The work features a meadow with tiny flowers of different shades of blue from turquoise to light blue. The flowers are placed against the background of wheat colour with some gold brushstrokes. The inspiration comes from the wild meadow flowers, which are the beloved motifs for the artisan.

Height 62 cm
Width 110 cm

Photo: © Rafael Arzumanov
My pomegranates

The wall hanging named “My pomegranates” is hand painted on silk fabric. The wooden frame is attached to the top and bottom of the piece. It features pomegranate fruits and its branches with leaves. The overall palette is based on the combination of reds and greens. Being a symbol of beauty, eternal life, wealth, fertility and power, the pomegranate is another favourite motif for the author. This piece belongs to the series of works dedicated to the pomegranate theme, including some featuring blue pomegranate fruits.

Height 95 cm
Width 97 cm

Photo: © Rafael Arzumanov

The wall hanging named “Georgians” is hand painted on silk fabric. The wooden frame is attached to the top and bottom of the piece. It features three horizontal rows of male and female figures (six per row) dressed in traditional Georgian costumes, typical of different regions of the country. The floral motifs are used to frame the composition and divide the rows. The pallet is warm, consisting of yellow ochre, brown and red tones. White accents of flowers on the outside border and on the faces of the figures add a symmetrical, decorative rhythm to the particular piece of work.

Height 85 cm
Width 52 cm

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