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© David Tchalidze
© David Tchalidze
© David Tchalidze
© David Tchalidze
© David Tchalidze

Salome Gavasheli

Salome Gavasheli Ceramicist
Georgian, English
By appointment only
+995 568898758
© David Tchalidze

Models of simplicity

  • • Salome started her career as a ceramic artist at the age of 16
  • • She works with various glazing techniques
  • • The design and colours of her works are inspired by nature

Salome Gavasheli developed an interest in ceramics and glass in her early childhood. At the age of 16, she studied artistic glass design for two years until she decided to choose ceramics as a future profession at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. “My mother played an essential role in guiding me in my career as she noticed my skills in hand building and advised me to think about ceramics as my future occupation” says Salome. The young ceramicist’s works are distinguished by the simplicity of their shapes and design. “I mainly work with red clay, using hand-building techniques, applying various glazes and creating natural, minimalistic objects. I love to use grogged clay as a main material, which enables me to experiment with various surface textures.” In 2019, Salome founded “Ceramic Studio Sio_2”, which unites a workshop and showroom in one space. Moreover, the young artist offers visitors master classes in hand-building, glazing and throwing.

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  • © David Tchalidze
  • © Ika Khargelia
  • © David Tchalidze
  • © David Tchalidze
  • © Ika Khargelia
Photo: © David Tchalidze
Ceramic set

The ceramic set includes three separate works: a chain, a vase and a decorative object. The hand-built items are made in red clay. The chain consists of three oval shaped pieces of different sizes. The decorative object has ten protruding pointed edges placed symmetrically on each side. The vertically elongated vase is partially glazed, which covers only half of the object, leaving the texture of the red clay exposed at its lower part. The light blue drips of paint are placed against the white glazed surface. The oval shaped forms and the simplicity of the smooth red clay surface unite the collection.

Height 40 Size
Width 12 cm
Height 19 cm
Height 10 cm

Photo: © Ika Khargelia
Set of ceramic objects

This set of ceramic objects includes a pair of two open-top oval vessels, which are hand built in red clay and are glazed. The shapes have white bottoms and dark green tops and cavettos. Both the irregular open-top ovoid shape and the white-and-green colour palette evoke the natural outlines of a seashell.

Height 13 cm
Width 16 cm

Photo: © David Tchalidze

A cylinder shaped vase is hand built with a grogged clay. One side of the work has vertical rows of protruding sculptural attachments, which contrasts with the smooth surface surrounding it. The vase is covered with transparent glaze on the inside. The grog texture and simple modelling of the surface add a minimalistic look to the object.

Height 28 Size
Diameter 23 cm

Photo: © David Tchalidze
Decorative object

The ceramic object is hand built, with grogged clay. It has a geometric outline, which merges “w” and “n” shapes together. The top part of the “w” is open and hollow, with the possibility to be used as a vase. The object is inspired by the Georgian “Asomtavruli” alphabet, which is the earliest (5th century) script amongst three writing systems, which co-existed in Georgia. The particular script was mostly used for inscriptions on stone or capitals, therefore the simplicity of the object’s unglazed, geometric shape resonates with the archaic feel of ancient stone-carved Georgian inscriptions.

Length 30 Size
Width 11 cm
Height 15 cm

Photo: © Ika Khargelia
Clay object

The decorative object is hand built of red clay. The object consists of two parallel double semicircular arches, which rest upon a rectangular base. The glaze of mint green, emerald, brownish and light gray cover different parts of the work. Due to its shape, the particular decorative object might also be used as a napkin holder.

Length 13 Size
Width 5 cm
Height 7 cm

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