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Visit the museum

  • with Novotný Glass
  • Nový Bor, Czech Republic
  • Guided tour
Visit the museum with Novotný Glass
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Explore the history of the glassworks

From 1,5 euros per person

The museum opened in 1994 and is located on the first floor of the glass centre. It offers a large collection of glass objects as well as the unique possibility to discover the creative processes of the glassworks. In the permanent collection you find works created by world-renowned Czech and foreign glass artists, and executed mostly by master glassblower Petr Novotný during international glass symposia from 1982 to the present. A few years ago, the museum expanded with an additional floor and rooftop, and the front of the building was decorated by sculpture of the Nový Bor artist Ivo Rozsypal.

Monday to Sunday 11:00 - 19:00
+420 601540053

Enjoy an experience with Novotný Glass

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