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Presented by logo Homo Faber by Michelangelo Foundation
Magnae Chartae Curated by Michele De Lucchi

Paying homage to paper

Discover the beauty, creativity and cultural significance of paper craftsmanship

In a world increasingly dominated by technology and machines, the significance of paper is celebrated in this imaginative exhibition. A delicate and humble material, paper can nevertheless last for centuries and has deep meaning for human beings. As a blank canvas, it provides a creative outlet for writers, artists and creators who transform it into sophisticated artworks using simple tools or just the human hand. From intricate miniature paper cuttings to mesmerising sculptures made of thousands of strips of paper, this exhibition celebrates the diversity and versatility of paper, and the creativity, skill and imagination of those artisans who choose to work with it.

Explore a paper world
Be amazed by the skill and talent of contemporary paper artisans

In a room imaginatively designed by Michele De Lucchi and his studio, the work of contemporary paper artisans from all over Europe takes centre stage. Discover papier mâché bowls made from the pages of old books by Swedish paper artist Cecilia Levy; interlocking geometric sculptures by Greek paper folder Zoe Keramea; and complex origami figures created by Finnish artisan Juho Könkkölä from a single piece of white paper. These and many more exquisite European works sit alongside umbrellas made by Japanese studio Wakasa and artworks by Japanese paper cutting artist Masayo Fukuda, demonstrating the significance of paper in Japan.

See this humble material
in a new light

An immersive experience, the exhibition invites artisans to demonstrate their skills live in the room, giving visitors a close-up view of the art of paper cutting, origami, paper sculpting and much more. Wander through the participatory installations, discover the joy of writing with a fountain pen crafted on site by artisans from Montblanc, and participate in an origami workshop with Belgian master Charles Kaisan. Complementing the artworks on display are handmade Italian wallpapers, elaborate calligraphy, and photographs by Susanna Pozzoli showcasing production at Gangolf Ulbricht’s papermaking workshop in Berlin. This unique exhibition ignites a conversation about the value of paper and encourages visitors to see this humble material in a new light.

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